Module: POL30460 Democratic Transitions & After

Since 1974 and the “third wave” of democracy, a large number of countries in the world have radically transformed their political systems from autocratic to democratic. This path was not straight–forward, bringing much political instability in some countries, while others were successful in consolidating their democratic governance. Yet, after 25 years of promotion of democracy and democratic institutions, the expected economic prosperity has not been reached. This course aims to go beyond democratic consolidation and also to discuss various topics of Electoral integrity, Quality of Government and Civil Society.

The content will be divided in three parts: transitions, consolidations and afterwards. Throughout the semester we will discuss different factors that promote democratization, whether democracy and Quality of Government can be universal, different processes of democratic change, and importance of impartial institutions. The focus of this course is also to explore the association between democracy, Quality of Government and development, not limited to but including, competing goals of law and order, economic growth, individual right and freedoms.

Students will look at several case studies and regional democratic spillovers to critically connect and evaluate established theories with empirical cases. Thus, this is not going to be based purely on informative lectures, but students would be encourage to develop, challenge and exchange ideas.

All information about the course can be found in the syllabus.

Week 1: Universal Democracy?


Week 2: Waves of Democratization

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Week 3: Process of Democratization

slides Monday    slides Wednesday

Week 4: The End of the Transition Paradigm

slides Monday   slides Wednesday                        Essay Questions (5 PM November, 7th 2016)

Week 5: Democratization in Latin America, East Asia and Europe

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Week 6: Elections, Electoral Systems and Voting Behaviour
slides Monday  slides Wednesday                         Study guide for the midterm (October, 24th 2016)

Week 7: The Role of Civil Society

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Week 8: Parliamentarism VS Presidentialism

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Week 9: State Building and Nation building

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Week 10: Quality of Government

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Week 11: Social Capital, Civil Society and Development

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Week 12: Why Nations Fail?

slides Monday                                                          Study guide for the final exam (December, 20th 2016)